Timeflies Tuesday

YouTube has made it easy for just about anyone with a webcam and microphone to take a shot at impressing the world with the power of music. One group in particular has made a household name for itself on the video sharing platform in what seems like an instant.

Timeflies Tuesday is a music group that can attribute a great deal of its popularity to YouTube. I remember first catching on to Cal and Rez, the hip hop/rap/electro/pop/dubstep duo in fall of 2010, soon after they first began posting videos of covers to popular songs (every Tuesday) online. The first video I viewed was a hip hop remix of “Under the Sea,” a song from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” The originality and authenticity of the beats and accompanying music created by Rez paired with Cal’s dreamy vocal cords and creative freestyle rapping changed the way I’d think of this Disney song forever — in a good way.

And, after four years, over 160 thousand Twitter followers, and a Timeflies Music App for smartphones, I think it’s safe to say I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

Yes, you heard correctly. I said a smartphone app dedicated to the group, the music, the concerts, and even access to exclusive content.

Timeflies isn’t the only group who owes YouTube a lifetime of gratitude. Mashable pointed out that other contemporary musicians first found fame on the site, including Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson.

The “spreadability” of YouTube’s platform facilitates this instant stardom. As Jenkins, Ford and Green put it in their book, Spreadable Media, media content is most likely to spread if it can belong in each of these categories: available when and where audiences want it, portable, easily reusable, relevant to multiple audiences, and part of a steady stream of material.

Well, I’d say that’s YouTube. The authors of the book even touched on the video sharing site, rehashing Susan Boyle’s popularity after her performance on Britain’s Got Talent. (Even as I’m sharing the link to this video in this very post, I’m relieved at how simple it is to do so. Simple click “share” and copy the link, or click the icons to post the video to your Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Reddit… need I say more?)